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Dr. Ankita Kalra, Aesthetic Dental Surgeon & Cosmetologist. She is known for her commitment to delivering quality work and an ethical approach to dentistry. She takes an active interest in academic research. She has taken clinical training in one of the prestigious institutes of India, AIIMS Hospital (New Delhi), just after completing her internship tenure. Founder and Senior Dentist & Cosmetologist at Dr. Ankita’s Dental & Aesthetic Wellness, Dwarka (West Delhi).BDS, MIDA Ex-AIIMS, Ambedkar Hospital (New Delhi).
Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine & PMU (IAO, USA). She is 13 years experienced dental surgeon and has vast experience in treating patients to the best of her knowledge using the latest technologies.

Our highly skilled professionals specialize in Dental Implants, Root Canal Treatment, Braces/Teeth Alignment, and Removal of Dentures. We understand the importance of a healthy smile, and our experts work diligently to restore and enhance dental health with precision and compassion. Whether you need dental implants to replace missing teeth, root canal treatment to alleviate discomfort, braces for teeth alignment, or dentures for functional and aesthetic purposes, our clinic is well-equipped to meet your personalized requirements. In addition, at Dr. Ankita’s Dental & Aesthetic Wellness, we offer a comprehensive range of aesthetic treatments aimed to enhance your natural beauty. Our team excels in Anti-Ageing Treatments, Acne & Acne Scars solutions, Chemical Peels, and Medifacials. Using the latest techniques and advanced technologies, we strive to rejuvenate your skin, address acne concerns, and provide non-invasive treatments that promote a youthful and radiant appearance.
Experience a comprehensive work of dental and aesthetic wellness at Dr. Ankita’s Dental & Aesthetic Wellness. Trust our expertise to transform your smile and enhance your natural beauty, leaving you with renewed confidence and a healthier, more vibrant you.

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